Playdeal Gamification Platform

Engagement Platform for your Business

What is "Gamification"?

Gamification is the use of game design techniques & mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences. Gamification strives to encourage users to engage in desired behaviours in connection with non-game applications.

According to Yu Kai Chou, the world's leading gamification expert, "Gamification is the design that places the most emphasis on human motivation in the process. In essence, it is Human-Focused Design (as opposed to 'function-focused design')."

Gamification is not about playing games, it’s about solving problems and engaging your users!

"Over 70% of Global 2000 Organisations Will Have at Least One Gamified Application by 2014" - Gartner ( Link to article)

Google Search Term "Gamification" 2010-2014 — Google Trend

What is "PlayDeal"?

PlayDeal is a Gamification Platform that simplifies daily engagement, provides real-time visualisation of customer interaction, and incentivises goal achievement. The technology is architected to leverage the game elements, i.e. missions and rewards, social collaboration and rich visual representation to drive engaging experiences. PlayDeal is extensible, scalable and can be adapted to multiple operating systems and application platforms for different business purposes.

What can PlayDeal do?

  • Increased Digital Banking adoption
  • Better customer retention with Interactive Loyalty Programs and recognised spending
  • Disease prevention and reduce the onset of chronic disease via interventions
  • Contact center and help-desk productivity improvements
  • Human Resources Skills development and grooming
  • Brand immersion via social marketing campaigns

PlayDeal Platform High-Level Architecture

Personalised user profile gives users overview of their activities and rewards

Configurable quests and achievements challenge users to complete designed tasks

Points, badges and physical rewards motivate users to engage in desired behaviours

Points, badges and physical rewards motivate users to engage in desired behaviours

Leaderboards and Social Network functions tap into the social desire of users for self-esteem and desire to interact with the tasks, achieve the quests and share their success

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